Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pasadena Homes Sold on Second Quarter of 2015

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 In the Second quarter (04/01/2015 to 06/30/2015) 287 vs 194 homes sold on the first quarter. The Minimum Listing Price$374,990 vs $225,000 and Selling Price was $345,000 vs $200,000 with 1 vs 2 bedrooms, 1 vs 1 bath, 643 vs 620 square feet house, and 2869 sq ft lot, and 1 day on market.

 Maximum Listing Price $6,488,00 vs $6,950,000 and Selling Price $6,475,500 vs $6,950,000 with 7 vs 5 bedrooms, 7 vs 10 baths, 8909 vs 8644 sq ft home, 55,240 vs 49,586 sq ft lot, and 342 vs 159 days on market.

 Average Listing Price $1,035,584 vs $1,042,153 and Selling Price $1,044,311 vs $1,031,692 with 3 vs 3 bedrooms, 2 vs 2.5 baths, 2002 vs 2039 sq ft home, 10433 vs 10936 sq ft lot and 51 vs 67 days on market.

 Number of hones sold on that price range: 45 vs 25 from 500K to 600K and 36 vs 31 sales were in the price range of 600K to 700K. From all the sales, 9 were short ales, 5 bank owned aka reo, 2 with notice of default and 5 homes on probate

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