Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our Life Without Cell Phones

Anyone borne in 1990 and back grew up using a land line phone. The world was perfect, no dramas, no rushes, everyone took its time to return calls.

I am one of those, I remember in the 80's my mom was housekeeping our house and taking phone messages for my brother and myself. There was a time that I was concern because she was giving messages from two or three day prior, so I have no other choice than calling the person and apologizing for doing it so late, then I tend  to explain the reason for the delay.

On one of my trip to the USA, I decided to buy a voice mail recorded that use a small tape, in that way everyday at lunch and evening time I used to check if there were recorded messages. Since my city was small and people weren't used to technology, and nobody were home when they ring our number, they tend to talk to the recorder thinking one of us were on the other line.

That happened many times, until we started disclosing all callers that we have a voice recorder machine, in that way they got use to wait until the little ring showed up before leaving the message.

My life and most peoples was simple in that way. Then in 1991 I started using a pager, that way you knew someone called you and you rushed either to use the office phone or if in the street we were using the public phones with coins, the problem coins were not in our pockets all the time, so we have to way until we reach the office or home to return the calls.

In 1993 here in Los Angeles, I got my first cell phoned when they became public (based on price, since before they were quite expensive and bulky as well)

Here comes the question: How our lives will change if overnight the cell phone service disappeared and we were only able to keep emails, laptops, tablets and landlines phones?

What will be the Emotional, Psychological, Social and Business consequences of that?

I can tell you that Generations X, Y and Millennial will go through hell, because they don't know other choice and for them to adapt to it will be very hard.

Businesses will be affected but not dramatically because of the email use as instant connections between businesses via the desktops, laptops and tablets.

I am looking for everybody opinion. Remember this is fiction, but will be very interesting to know what others opinion is on that matter.

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