Saturday, November 14, 2015

Save Money By Insulating Your Home Attic

Is Your Insulated Attic Looks Like The One on The Picture?
November herald's the start of our cold season and with it, a rise in energy costs.. To significantly reduce heat loss and expenses. It pays to winterize the one place where most heat is lost: the attic. Here is a check list of items to focus on to keep the heat in: 
  • Weather strip and insulate the attic access door.
  • Seal around the outside of the chimney.
  • Seal around plumbing vents both in the attic floor and in the roof.
  • Cap off the top of interior walls in old houses where you can peer into the wall cavity from the attic.
  • Insert fiberglass insulation around electrical wire penetrations at the top of interior walls.
  • Staple a radiant barrier under the rafters or joists to reflect 97% of the radiant heat that strikes it.
That will help a lot to keep the heat in and the savings in your pocket.
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