Friday, November 13, 2015

Children Are The Treasure of Every Family

One of the biggest challenges for today's time pressed parents is sharing quality time with their kids. Fostering a true connection with kids doesn't always have to mean scaling back your work hours or stepping off the career fast track. Try these suggestions.
  • Hold weekly family meetings. Use them to schedule everyone's activities for the week, from school meetings to fun family outings. Give your kids a say on decisions it makes them realize that they're an integral part of the family.
  • Share their interests.  Yes, that means enduring their taste in music, movies, and games. One idea; Get them subscriptions to magazines associated with their hobbies, and commit to reading and talking with them about at least one article/topic related to their world.
  • Share your work with them. Bring them to your workplace. Show them what you do and how your work relates to the organization. When you have a particular success at work, celebrate it with your family. This teaches children the importance of work while helping them understand how it affects your life.
  • Volunteer with them. If you have the time, choose one day each month to volunteer at a local shelter, charity, or organization. Working alongside your kids is a great way to model good work ethics while sharing experiences.
Are you doing some of this tips with your children? If not, go ahead and adopt some or all, it will definitely help your the family relatioships and get to know more about each other hobbies, interest, jobs, experiences so on and so forth.
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